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Our philosophy at Momentum Productions is to provide industry leading service at competitive pricing. Remembering the stress and expectations that come along with any big event, we can help you create a plan for a memorable time. We can provide feedback and ideas that will help your event run smoothly allowing your guests to really enjoy the moment. From weddings to cabarets, concerts to conferences, school dances to roller derbies; we have worked with great people to provide excellent service in DJ entertainment, audio support, video projection and lighting production. Get in touch with us today and let us put you in the spotlight. We hope to see you at your next big thing!

Rob Howard


It is my philosophy that the best events are driven by the enjoyment of the attendees and fueled by the energy of the DJ. I am happiest when your guests are having a great time.

Davy Sage


Davy is a hiphop/RnB artist who DJs with us in the off-season. Davy is an ardent professional with a penchant for performance.

Josh Phillips


Josh is a crowd pleaser with a keen sense of how to read a crowd and adjust accordingly. A lover of music and people, he will work hard to ensure a good time is had by all.

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