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We love a good show! Working with our friend, Will from Emanation Lighting, we can help you set just the right mood for your event. From lighting, to rehearsals and of course, the big night... we want to help you make this memorable for your audience and performers alike. Every show is a little different and we are happy to adapt to your preferences while giving you the tech support you need.



One of our favourite events is the school musical. We want your students to feel like a star. We understand that singing one's lines can be fairly daunting so we offer up to 16 wireless low profile headsets for your cast. We will work with your director to set the lighting scenes and any special effects. Let us take care of the tech issues so you can focus on your stars and all their biggest fans. Why do it yourself when we want to do it for you?

Are you raising money for your community, sports team or another great cause and want to have a good time? Whether you want a DJ, a band or multiple acts, we can help you plan your lighting, audio and visual needs. That way you can worry about your guests, tickets and the bar. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the details and help you figure the best package for your needs and budget.



We have enjoyed working with some world renown artists over the years. We have even been there for some of their first releases. From two time Grammy nominee Fresh IE to Juno winning Manafest... Philly 5, Scribe, Flood the Stone, The Journalist, Poetic Pilgrims, Transit, Marcus Montana and Firme to name a few... Whose next?

We have been involved in several festivals over the years. Providing front line, back line and lighting for multiple act stages with tight turn-arounds and multiple genres and styles to mix in a day. You provide the talent and we will provide the tech. Whether you want all hired help or wish to wrangle some volunteers, we'll work with you to make it a success.

Touring Artists

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